Sunday, August 23, 2015

Italy: Siena

In Siena we rented a room in a shared apartment (there were two other rooms, a shared kitchen and a bathroom) that had a stellar view of the city. The bed was comfy and we were only minutes from the main square, although once you're in the heart of Siena, everything is within walking distance. We explored the streets of Siena that afternoon, discovering that our stay was only days before the famous horse race that takes place in the middle of the city, Il Palio.  The city is divided up into contrades (like districts) and each contrade is represented by a different horse and jockey. They race in the main plaza, which is  a very small area relative to a normal horse racing track, and winner gets bragging rights for their contrade. I’m certain Il Palio is an unforgettable experience, but it is one we will unfortunately have to see at another time. We also toured Siena Cathedral, which probably has the most beautiful façade of any cathedral we saw in Italy, and an unusual black and white stone color adorning both interior and exterior.

Room view during the day

Room view at night

Upper part of the main façade

How amazingly unique!
Camouflage. On point.

Uh... this is the FLOOR!
Our first full day in the city we rented a motorbike and headed out to the surrounding Tuscan countryside, where we visited Castello di Monteriggioni, the quaint medieval town of San Gimignano, and a winery for some Tuscan wine tasting. It was a really nice day with great weather, and we were again reminded of the advantages of having our own transportation.

Watch out Tuscany, here we come!

Movin' on up... to the San Ramagiano...

In front of the Castello
I had an idea... that this light bulb would represent me having an idea...
 The next day we returned our motorbike and hopped on a bus to Firenze (Florence)!

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