Sunday, September 13, 2015

Belgium: Brussels

Everyone told us before we got to Brussels that there wasn’t much to see besides a statue takin’ a piss. Literally, that is what they said, I wasn’t just being crude. That's because the main tourist attraction is a statue called Manekin Pis and is a little boy peeing into a fountain. There are several legends about why such a statue was made but no matter the origins, he is a famous little boy today. He also always gets dressed up, and while we were there a science expo also in town, so he was Einstein. We found other attractions while we were there, of course, and the first day we saw quite a few. We visited the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, the main square (Grote Markt), a famous brew pub and had some yummy Belgian food.

Grote Markt

Manneken Pis as Albert Einstein

And, a Brussels sunset

The second day we got our Belgian chocolate fix, visited the Royal Palace and the Palais de Justice. We also visited a museum called the Horta Museum. This is the architect Victor Horta's former house and an example of Art Nouveau style. We then mosied around a park and enjoyed some of our chocolates before we went back to our ‘inn’ for the night. Based on a recommendation from a fellow traveler in Norway, we stayed at a low-budget all inclusive place in Brussels called FunKey Inn. It was a switch up from our normal accommodations and we had a nice, spacious room with lots of free food and drinks!
The Grand Palace

It's hard to tell but there was a bug expo at the museum and the chandelier is covered in tiny beetle shells.

Hydrandgea bushes in the park

After Brussels, we flew to the Motherland! Yea, Britain, baby.

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